Hire-STARS ActionPlus® is a powerful software package the helps you identify the key competencies essential for your employees to be successful in their jobs. I recommend that before you login to ActionPlus you spend a bit of time going through the eight (8) videos in the ActionPlus Training module.

Taking time to see how the software operates and how to identify the Target Requirements for a candidate to fill a specific position will ensure you get the best results and save you time and frustration.

Step 1 – Now that you have learned how to conduct an effective interview, you will want to review these videos to get into the swing of how easy ActionPlus is to use. Knowing the steps and how to navigate it will make your experience a success.

Step 2 – Taking the time to clearly define the requirements for a job is crucial to improving your selection decisions. One of the keys is the Perform Ratings module. This module will lead you to the specific questions you need to ask and help create your job description.

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