How to Hire Great Employees

Square Peg in a Round HoleAt least 2 studies have shown that the typical interview that most interviewers and organizations use, (you know the questions, what are your strengths and weakness, tell me about your present or last boss, etc.,) have a reliability of about 13-15% in predicting a candidate’s potential for success.

Many leaders struggle with getting round pegs for round holes and square pegs for square holes. It is important to hire people with the right attitude, alignment, and aptitude to add value to your organization.

Here is a clue, if you create a way to analyze a position and use structured competency interviewing and integrate an advanced approach to the behavior-based interview, your reliability exceeds 90% in predicting job success and you get great people.

That is an extraordinary claim, but Action Interviewing was designed based on the scientific research achieved those results.

Do your managers have an objective process for selecting what interview questions they interview candidates for a specific job? The questions for one job may not be the same questions for another job. In other words, to be effective, each job needs a different criteria and interview questions.

Do your managers know how to keep candidates honest?

Do your managers know how to get a balanced picture of strengths and weakness as they relate to a job?

It is amazing how much information you can gain from candidates when it is done right.

Want to hire great people with the right attitude, alignment, and aptitude?