Hire-STARS Interview Skills Videos

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Module 1


Learn what kind of questions not to ask and why.

Run Time: 13 minutes 25 seconds

Module 2

Competencies - The "Attitudes" and work habits candidates bring to the table.

Learn which competency gives you the best insight into a candidate and the ability to predict their future.

Run Time: 23 minutes 52 seconds

Module 3

Knowing What to Look For

Super Important Insight - Do Not Skip

Learn how to keep a candidate honest this hot secret will make a huge difference.

Run Time: 18 minutes 44 seconds

Module 4

Conducting the Interview

Learn the secrets to conducting an effective interview, there are seven.

Run Time: 22 minutes 23 seconds

Module 5

Making the Hiring Decision

Learn how to do an objective assessment of a candidate's responses. This secret approach will prevent hiring mistakes.

Run Time: 20 minutes 56 seconds

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