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Welcome to the Hire-STARS Program your key to hiring and keeping better Employees!

The key to your success is completion and implementation of this program is your commitment.

They are time-tested and proven and will give you the greatest chance possible to get the best possible employees possible. And we've made it as easy as possible to go through the complete program - Learn It - Do It - Make It Happen.

Step 1 - Start here. Do one Interviewing Module at a time. Watch and listen to each Module. Before you know it, you'll understand how the system works and how to effectively conduct interviews that get you great employees. Each Module is fairly short running 10 - 20 minutes each.

Step 2 - ActionPlus is easy to use but knowing the steps and how to navigate it will make your experience a success.

Step 3 -Taking the time to clearly define the requirements for a job are crucial to improving your selection decisions. One of the keys is the Perform Ratings module this will lead you to the specific questions you need to ask.

Once a month we conduct live coaching calls to take you through the whole Hire-STARS Program. I suggest you put the dates of these calls on your calendar now and attend as many as you can. If you can't attend, they are all recorded and you can listen to them later. They will support you in completing the Hire-STARS Program.

Once a month we conduct live interviews with industry experts, lawyers, human resource professionals, business leaders, etc that will provide you with valuable insight in the hour long interviews. If you can't attend, they are all recorded and you can listen to them later.

Resources - Includes forms, lists, and samples that will save you time and money. Checkout the sample employee manual, the list of federal laws and when they kick in based on the number of employees you have, and much more.

Even with the best intentions it's easy to get sidetracked and not complete the program. So get support by listening in to the Coaching Calls and asking questions as you work on each Hire-STARS Program.

The enemies of this or any other program are the following: inertia, discouragement, confusion, excuses, poor self-management and a lack of persistence. Commit to mastering this process and you may never get stuck with a bad hire again!

About Your Account

As long as you are an active (paying member) of the Hire-STARS program you will have access to the training, monthly webinars, expert interviews, ActionPlus, and all of the new material that is added to the site.

When you joined the Hire-STARS you automatically became an Affiliate Referral Partner. Here is what that means to you: when you refer someone to the program you will receive 35% of everything they spend. Because we have a 30 Day Guarantee you payment will be made within 30 days of the closing of the 30 day Guarantee period. You benefit from this arrangement as long as you are an active Hire-STARS member. 

You will have received a code that you can share with people that you want to refer to the program. Safeguard that code.

You refer 3 people and your program is practically paid for. You refer more and you make money.

If you join at a specific rate your rate will never increase as long as you maintain your active membership. If you drop out of the program and then rejoin at a later date your membership will be at the latest rate. Referrals will not be reinstated.

Also, if you are a member and drop-out, you will lose access to the position profiles you create in ActionPlus.
Finally, if you have supervisors or managers that participate in the hiring process, have them spend the time learning about the interviewing process. We will be adding a coaching and employee engagement module soon.
Manage your account through the link below. You can change your password, upgrade your account or stop recurring billing. Manage your account.

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