Hire-STARS Quick-Start Self-Study Program
$297.00 + 24.95 month – with (24/7) access to:

- Online Action Interviewing® Training

- Online ActionPlus®  Training

- Online ActionPlus®  Software –
for creating Interviews and Job Descriptions

- Sample Forms, Policies, and Procedures

- Monthly Coaching and Expert Interview Calls

Hire-STARS Silver Membership Program
$1297.00 + 24.95 Including:

- All the benefits of the Hire-STARS Quick-Start Self-Study Program (24/7)


- One-on-one Strategy Session up to 45 Minutes

- Personal online facilitation of your first Position Profile using the ActionPlus® online software

- Three one hour online live Action Interviewing Webinars

Hire-STARS Gold Membership Program

This program is reserved for larger Companies of 200 employees or more.

To see if this program will be for You Call 303-439-2001 for a personal consultation.

9 Benefits of Membership | Hire Employees


1. Reducing Turnover and Bad Hires

 Reducing turnover is a big challenge for most businesses. Hiring new employees that are a fit for your organization and are more productive than typical employees can save you thousands of dollars and reduced frustration.

2. People as the Core of Our Business

 People are the core of your business and many business leaders say that their employees are what makes them different from the competition. Yet, they don’t do anything in selecting their employees that is different from the competition. Want your employees to be the difference and make a difference? Do something that builds your core learn how to hire people.

 3. Strategies for Effectively Making Hiring Decisions

 Did you know there are more books, websites, and articles for candidates to be successful in interviews, than there are help you be a better interviewer? Who do you think is typically better prepared for an interview, you or the candidate? Typically the candidate but here is your chance to take advantage of a proven system to become better prepared to pick great employees

 4. Hiring Strategies That Work

 When learning how to hire people, you need more than theories and strategies. You need approaches to making selection decisions that actually help you make the most of your business.

You don't need general plans; you need specific plans. And you need strategies and plans that have been proven in the real world by Small Business owners just like you.

 5. State-of-the-Art Online Learning

 One of the fastest ways to learn anything new is through online learning. You can read, listen and do exercises all in one place, in addition to sharing ideas with others learning the same material. You'll learn the information and practices you need to be successful at hiring great employees one step at a time.

 6. Database of All Your Job Profiles and Interviews

 By using the same system that big companies use you will have access to ActionPlus® online software. You will be able to conduct an analysis of the jobs you hire for, create very powerful structured interviews that will take the guess work out of hiring great people. In addition you will be able to create very useful job descriptions. This software is full of useful information that is not available anywhere else. Plus you will have your position profiles on line any time you need them.

 7. Once a Month Coaching Calls

 Knowing how to interview is one thing, doing it well is another. One way to help learning stick is through asking questions and coaching. In each Hire Advantage coaching session we discuss the material in one of the lessons, answer questions, and do live hands-on coaching with participants. We do a total of eight of these sessions as a series and then repeat these session topics every eight months. In addition, we record all of these sessions so that you can listen later if you cannot attend live.

8. Interviews of Leadership Experts

 No one person can know everything there is to know about hiring and leading great employees. That's why we will call on experts and interview them about the specific how-to's of many different areas of hiring and leading employees. From screening candidates to engaging them and improving performance, from determining the best fit for the organization to developing your leadership skills.

These interviews will give you proven hands-on strategies that will work for you.

 9. Sample Form, Policies and Procedures

Having access to sample policies, procedures, and forms can save you time, money and frustration. Hire-STARS will add new ideas for policies, procedures and forms to make your life easier. Simply download the documents and customize them to meet your needs.

Now learn how you can take advantage of all the benefits of the hire-STARS Program.

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